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Clinical Services

Therapy can help with:

With over a decade of clinical experience I have worked with people from all walks of life, facing all sorts of difficulties.  

Whether we are working together in a brief counselling relationship to help you clarify a specific issue, or pursuing more open ended psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, I won't tell you what you should think or feel. The therapy I practice isn't about replacing 'wrong' or 'faulty' thoughts and feelings with 'better' or 'correct' ones. Our work together will always be about helping you to understand what you're struggling with, to enable you to find your own personal and creative solutions to the challenges you are facing in your life. 

As all psychotherapy approaches are ultimately structured around listening and conversation within an unfolding relationship, we'll pay close attention to the what is said, as well as your changing impressions of present and past relationships.

My work addresses the material inequities of life responsible for distress, such as economic inequalities, classism, racism, religious intolerance, immigration and refugee status, gender discrimination and violence, physical abilities and health inequalities.

I am pro-feminist, queer-positive and affirming of those who are trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming. This means I don't pathologise sexual preferences, orientations and expressions. Neither do I work from normative or reductive gender views.


Many people get in touch after receiving a mental health diagnosis. I have special experience working with those with a diagnosis of psychosis. Whilst diagnoses can be crucial to start making sense of what you're going through – as well as accessing services and treatments – labels can't capture an individual's uniqueness. My approach is always tailored to the person and their own understanding of their experiences. 

Fee Guideline

Obsessive thoughts & compulsive behaviours. 

Disordered eating. 

Drug & alcohol addictions. 

Bi-polar disorder.


Relationship difficulties.

Anger & aggression.

Psychosomatic Symptoms.

Hearing voices.

Questions around identity.

Sexual problems.

Self confidence.  

Individuals: £60 per session.

Clinical Supervision: £60 per session. 


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, I charge for all missed sessions. If you cannot make an appointment I will always try and offer you an alternative appointment that week, depending upon availability.

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